Community Service

Diversity, giving educational opportunities and developing as an instructor are important values for me. Because of this I pursue volunteer opportunities in education. Specifically, I am interested in educational organizations that support disadvantaged youth. In the past, I have tutored for Heart of Los Angeles as part of their LEAL program and for IMANI Center in New York.

Together with Mario Bonk, Luca Capogna, Piotr Hajlasz, Nageswari Shanmugalingam, Jeremy Tyson and Xiaodan Zhou, we are organizing a AMS MRC Analysis on Metric spaces program in 2020-2021. Due to Covid-19 this has become a yearlong program seeking to build new collaborations and build a community of young experts in the field. See here for more details.

Together with Riikka Korte, Tuomo Kuusi, Tuomas Orponen and Ville Suomala we are organizing at Aalto University in October 2021 an in-person forum for young researchers in Analysis and Geometry in Finland. This gives young researchers in Finland a long-awaited opportunity to network after the pandemic. For more information, see here.

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