AMS Special Session on Topics at the Interface of Analysis and Geometry

This is the schedule, including slides, of the meeting that took place Friday March 22nd to Sunday March 24th 2019. The meeting was organized by Alex Austin and Sylvester Eriksson-Bique.

AMS session website

Sylvester Eriksson-Bique’s website

Alex Austin’s website

Friday March 22nd:

3:00pm  Mario Bonk, The quasiconformal geometry of the continuum trees.

3:30pm Marie A. Snipes, Embedding a snowflake metric space into Euclidean space.

4:00pm Jaroslaw M Kwapizs, Conformal Dimension via p-Resistance: Sierpinski Carpet. Slides to be uploaded.

4:30pm Rebekah Jones, Modulus of sets of finite perimeter and quasiconformal maps between metric spaces of globally Q-bounded geometry.

5:00pm Gareth Speight, A Cm Whitney Extension Theorem for Horizontal Curves in the Heisenberg Group.

5:30pm Svitlana Mayboroda, Interplay between scale invariant estimates in Analysis and PDEs. Board talk.

Saturday March 23rd:

9:00am Marianna Csornyei, The Kakeya needle problem for rectifiable sets.

9:30am Zihui Zhao, A two-phase harmonic measure problem via excess decay and singular integrals.

10:00am A Dali Nimer, Singularities of uniformly asymptotically doubling measures.

10:30am Annina Iseli, Dimension and projections in normed spaces.

2:00pm Volodymyr Nekrashevych, Orbispace uniformizations of sub-hyperbolic maps and their iterated monodromy groups.

2:30pm Adi Glucksam, Growth of measurably entire functions and related questions.

3:00pm Mikhail Hlushchanka, Tiling approach tot he study of iterated monodromy groups.

3:30pm Sara Maloni, Induced metric on convex sets spanning quasicircles in hyperbolic and anti-de Sitter space.

4:00pm Tullia Dymarz, Quasiconformal and biLipschitz maps on boundaries of negatively curved homogeneous spaces.

Sunday March 24th:

9:00am Angelynn Alvarez, Holomorphic Sectional Curvature of Projectivized Vector Bundles over Compact Complex Manifolds.

9:30am Eden Prywes, Characterization of Branched Covers with Simplicial Branch Sets.

10:00am Mariana Smit Vega Garcia, The fractional unstable obstacle problem.

10:30am Silvia Ghinassi, Higher order rectifiability via Reifenberg theorems for sets and measures.

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